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First Steps: Pick your field in SEO

I think it’s important to have a clear understanding of what you are trying to accomplish and how all those parts fit together.

You want to understand the parts and execute well on each. If it can’t be all, it’s still better to do one part very well instead of doing all the parts just a bit.

That’s why all those niche site owners got hit.

Look at any of their sites. It’s ugly crap.

They did nothing well. The design of the site looked like we were back in 2010, the content was annoying to read, backlinks most likely the spammy kind of links.

No wonder they got whacked. Every field was just mediocre or below.


So, if you can’t build a great website, you better focus on building great traffic.

That’s what I do.

And vice versa, if you suck at generating traffic, let someone else do that and build a crazy website instead.

Each field became quite complex over all those years and it’s hard for a single person to keep up in each field.

So you better focus on the one you are best at.

Content you might want to consume and directions in your learning might be more towards to a developers perspective, than to the one of a marketer/SEO.

This will make you a more attractive partner to talk to in all those SEO chats and communities than the average SEO.

SEO’s you’ll find plenty everywhere, SEO’s who actually understand technical things and can even implement them, those are rare and in great demand.

Ok, enough philosophy and theory, next are some ideas coming on how to get into a more technical way to do SEO.

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