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Being an Amazon Affiliate

Being an Amazon Affiliate – Part 1 of many…

Since way over 15 years people are building affiliate sites for Amazon niches and products. Affiliates love building them, searchers hate them, Google hates them. Lets dive into why most waste their time and how to actually make this crap scalable.

The Customer

Most people buy based on the Amazon reviews (stars).

You don’t need to tell people which product is best on your website, since they can see that on Amazon already.

Instead of some Chat-GPT sales blah blah, they find writings of real (hopefully 😂) people in the reviews who actually have and used that product. Some products have thousands of reviews, pictures, questions asked and answered.

Do you really think you could do that better? Compete with thousands of people who actually had the product in their hands? I don’t think so. If you do, go visit a psychiatrist. 🤡

Your Site

This means, your site is kind of pointless and you are wasting your time creating it with all that content and those comparison tables.

Your are just a (unwanted) middleman.

You are trying to force your spot between Google and Amazon.

Google always said/showed they don’t want that (pointless) middleman in their results.

There’s another problem.

Amazon put in over 20 years and most likely millions or billions of Dollars to optimize their site for clicks and conversions. You’re most likely no expert nor did you put in 20 years into split testing.

This means, you are most likely leaving a lot of money on the table because people just don’t click on your ‘somewhere hidden’ links.

Decreasing commissions over the years also add to this.

What To Do Instead?

I’ll tell you in my newsletter 🤡

Just joking…

In short: You want to ‘hide’ being a middleman as much as possible.

The ‘easiest’ way: Just redirect all traffic to Amazon.

BUT: Depending on your traffic ‘quality’, this can lead to a pretty low conversion rate, which could (will) lead to manual inspection through Amazon and/or a ban of your account.

Show users a simple popup instead (you could cloak that, if you are afraid of Google). Or redirect them to a high CTR landing page of yours.

I showed you how to do that with a Amazon landing page a while ago here on X and on my blog (link in bio, you’ll find it…).

Those are just examples. Be creative.

What you don’t want is that a visitor has to ‘search’ for the link to Amazon. You want to slam it to him right in the face.

Brain off, click click click, credit card, commission.

That’s what we want.

Not: ‘I’ll tell the visitor how well this coffee machine I have no idea about is making coffee and then ask him gently if he would be so nice to click this link so I could afford hosting for my little blog’.

That’s not how it works.

Slam. That’s how it works.

Slam SEO – course incoming. 🤡

How To Scale

Most likely you are already using AI to write your articles. At least if you aren’t 100% dumb 🤡

Do you really think it makes a difference if words are written slightly different? That this makes the difference between a site that receives traffic from Google and one that doesn’t?

It doen’t.

Google is using other signals to determine if your site is delivering ‘helpful content’, if you want to call it that. I don’t want to dive into this discussion here.

So, why not let it generate those articles for you? Won’t make a difference expect you having way more time now 🤡

Put that on some WordPress template, maybe add a few images and all your competitors will think you did a great job 😂

I mean, you don’t need to make cloaking 100% obvious. Be creative. Show people what they suppose to see and you won’t see much chatter about your site(s).

Slam that popup/redirect on your site and move to the next.

That’s scaling.

Not: ‘Oh, my goal is to write 100 new articles this year until my fingers bleed and when I look at my rankings one year from now my eyes are also bleeding‘ 🤡

That’s not scaling. That’s a surefire way wasting your life.

That’s it for now, have a nice weekend, and don’t forget guys and gals: Build a brand 🤡

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