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How to handle any Google Update

Want to know what to do about this Google update (if got hit)?

Simple 3 steps, no fluff:

For 2 weeks, do nothing. Don’t read ‘analysis’, complaints, whining. Do for 2 weeks something else. You don’t participate in that. It will only drain your energy, kill your motivation, creates bias. Enjoy those 2 weeks.


The update might not be rolled out completely. You can’t draw any conclusions on something that’s not done yet.

After 2 weeks you still don’t read ‘analysis’, complaints, case studies, that crap. You look at your own sites, your own data. You look at the SERPs. And only at the SERPs. The truth is written there, not on somebodys blog or feed.

I repeat: The truth is written in the SERPs, not on somebodys blog or feed, where you know nothing about the persons intentions!

After having a fresh look at the SERPs, you start drawing some conclusions.

How did the SERPs change compared to before the update? You most likely did something too much that triggered ‘something’.

Google isn’t some all knowing creature. SEO isn’t that complicated.

Add a title, add a headline, add some words of content, add some backlinks. Rinse and repeat. Time to grind again.

If you decided to work as cook, you’ll smell of food in the evening. If you decided to work in SEO this is your bread-and-butter. If your mind is too weak to handle an update here and there, go and do something more ‘stable’. I heard flipping burgers is quite a stable business…

It’s always the same. You do something, you tank again. It’s a ‘business’ built on sand.

You either adapt to that, accept the fact that it’s not permanent, or you should do something else.

You can see here, that you are not really in control of your ‘business’, but someone else (Google). You might think that you are building a business, but you are actually building Google’s and the business of the affiliate program you are promoting.

The customer will remember where he bought the item the last time, but he will rarely remember your stupid affiliate site.

There’s nothing wrong with this affiliate ‘business’, but you should be aware of what game you are playing.

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