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How to become a (true) developer

Lets turn something negative into something positive…

Take an advise from someone who’s learning to code better since over 30 years.

This is for all the kids and youngsters out there, who are just starting out, who are interested in becoming a true developer.

You don’t go through a list and just ‘learn’ things for the sake of learning them.

You don’t go from step 1 to step 10 and then apply for a job.

That’s stupid adivse from someone who just wants to grab attention.

I don’t want to discourage you, it will take years to properly learn what is listed in the Tweet in 10 steps and looks so easy.

The problem with Tweets like this is that it masks the complexity of the topic and creates the illusion of learning once and applying forever.

This is not how it works.

How does it work instead?

It all begins with curiosity as a spark. Then things start rolling with a question and a commitment.

‘How is that being made?’


‘I want to do that (too)!’

You start to explore, learn, try, fail, learn more, try and fail again, learn some more, over and over.

That’s the path of any developer of any level. It’s a never ending journey.

You learn by always applying what you learn on a real project. That’s the fun part. You can create from day one.

You start with a simple website. And you add more features to it along your way of learning new things and becoming a better developer. And at some point you might call yourself ‘full stack developer’, if a title is important to you…

During all the learning, you will have plenty of jobs. Maybe you just do HTML first but learn more Javascript from a colleague. In one job they used Bootstrap, in another job they will use TailwindCSS and you adapt again.

And when you reached that, there are still more programming languages, frameworks, and techniques out there you don’t know shit about than the ones you know something about.

It’s a never ending journey…

Good luck.

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