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About Progress

Taken from a Twitter/X post today, slightly edited here.

Marvin asked about progress:

I guess we all were in the situations as Marvin.

Especially social media is always telling us to constantly push forward (hard), you know, #buildinpublic.

Such bullshit 💩

To really make progress you need timeouts. Your mind needs to be empty.

You can’t fill more water in an already full cup.

Old story time…

Let me tell you a little anecdote about progress and timeouts:

I worked a lot in winter 21/22, had a really great spring, income wise.

“Hey you, yeah you… do something else…”

It’s mostly automatic. it’s easy and all that, but I have this nagging voice in my head since years to do something else than that.

Life is always a fluid process, barely instant changes. So I ‘faded’ into skating more and more and working less and less until I decided in June to do nothing until mid September. I was always outside, only inside for sleeping 😂

But I didn’t really came back mid September. Turned out that I just came back lately 😂. So it was like a year.

Doing nothing?

But that was not doing nothing.

My mind was busy, always, somewhat… “in the pit”, like Cody Schneider would say 😂

I came out of that year with more clarity, knowing more who I am, what I want, what to do with my time, which things are important to me and which not, all that stuff.

That’s fucking progress man.

So don’t punish yourself if you don’t make progress that can be directly seen.

Sometimes progress is happening in the shadows.

Take care and enjoy your ride, whatever you are riding.

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