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About 9-to-5 earnings bashing

Just a quick one…

Most people are stuck in some mediocre jobs, getting average pay. Thinking when they make more than $5k a month online they already outperformed employees.

They have no idea what you can actually make in an employment – if you have valuable skills to offer.

So, that’s one thing, their mind is limited to the amount that’s possible.

The second thing is they are also limited in what they think is a valuable skill.

It’s definitely not some bullshit you ‘learn’ in a few months by following others preaching the same bullshit.

Stop googling what valuable skills are for now.

Instead go to some library. Go to some technical section, engineering, mathematics, heavy IT. Get a book that’s more formulas than words. Where you understand NOTHING by looking at it. That’s your valuable skill you are looking for.

When you have such a valuable skill, an employer is willed to give you good money. Because of VALUE you provide.

As an example: Netflix just offered jobs with a salary range of $300k to $900k. That’s definitely the far end. That’s why it’s in the news. But you get the idea. It destroys your myth perfectly, that 9-to-5 is slavery at low wage. It only is if you have no value to offer.

Print this and hang it on your wall:

You get paid in equal proportion to the value you provide to the market.

Doesn’t matter if employed or self-employed.

We will talk a lot more about 9-to-5’s very soon.

Thanks for reading.

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