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Why I never go Whitehat

I’m a technical guy. I love breaking things. I love exploiting things in a way they are not meant to be used.

I don’t enjoy taking care about minor stuff on a website or writing content about a topic I have no interest in. I also don’t enjoy boring repetitive tasks. I believe users ‘feel’ that you had no interest in what you wrote about. So why write it then?

I HATE doing unnecessary things that make no sense. And Whitehat SEO is full of such things. I like spending my time with things that actually have an effect.

I hate when things are going slow. Writing articles, taking care of headlines, doing keyword research, while feeling that you could do in the same time 10-100x of what you just did.

But I enjoy automating a certain task and being happy when everything is running smooth. The pleasure of seeing something working you made and maybe having even learned something new along the way.

I like the enjoyment of working on that puzzle until it’s solved. That you didn’t just follow a list of best practices but actually figured something out. I like that you are forced to think out of the box, to be creative.


It’s a solo game, the game of a lone wolf. You can’t trust no one and you trust no one. I like that. I can work with a buddy together, loosely. But I don’t like working in a team of 10 or 20, where Freddy from section 8 broke something and we have to wait for him to fix it and it’s all some BS nobody of us really cares about. What a waste of energy.

Search my name on Wikipedia, “Meaning: Wolf counsel”. Doesn’t seem to be coming out of nowhere 🤡


You are 100% responsible for your actions and the outcome. There’s nobody else to blame but yourself. The world owes you sh*t.

I know what I do and I’m aware of that. I don’t fall into the believe I’m doing something great and valuable and deserve Google’s ‘love’. What a retarded mentality.

When I look into the mirror I see a guy who travels his own path, who doesn’t follow any rules. I live by my own principles and standards. I don’t follow yours, don’t follow Google’s, don’t follow other Blackhats. I’m free.

I could never do SEO for clients. All their stupid questions, and why don’t they rank already? If you do that job, kudos, but you are actually just a coward with a safety net.

Blackhat / Illegal

As an addition to the original X post: I like the technical part of Blackhat SEO, I like the part about creativity. While I like breaking rules, I don’t break the law. I don’t participate in illegal activities. If you do that, that’s your choice. I don’t judge you.

But I think risking your freedom (having to deal with the law is also taking time, thus freedom, even if you don’t have to go to jail at the end) for money is just plain stupid. In todays world, so abundant in (legal) opportunities, you picked something illegal? Really?

If you do illegal things to get what you want, you are either taking shortcuts again or you’re just too stupid (or lazy) to achieve your goals in a legit and legal way.

Robbing people, scamming people, that’s also easier than making money in a legal way. That’s for losers. Nothing heroic, nothing glorious in that. It’s like taking pills to gain muscle or lose weight, avoiding the necessary work.

Either way, it’s your choice, your path, I don’t judge you. Just wanted to make this clear. So leave me alone with your (web)shells 🤡

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