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Whack Wednesday

I’m seeing tweets like this a lot:

Sorry Glenn, just picking your Tweet as an example.

Getting from $0-$1000 is hard, getting from $1000-$10k is easy. He didn’t explicitly say ‘easy’, but how it’s written implies it is. He could have used the ‘I’ perspective to make it more clear it means his personal experience.

6 Months? Im a senior!

You don’t have to dig much further in that profile to see when the ‘journey’ began. It began in January this year with zero followers and zero dollars in the bank, so roughly half a year ago.

He’s into business since half a year…

…but giving advise like a pro.

Of course he will say it’s only his personal experience he’s sharing. And you don’t have to apply it to everything else, and all that crap.

It’s always the same with coaches. They are barking loud to lure people into their profiles and offers but get very quiet when it comes to being accountable.

Like with trading coaches. Showing you all the big accounts and all the wins, but the disclaimer says it’s only examples 😂

I find that dangerous.

That’s why I can’t leave it alone 😂

So, lets break this down a bit for everyone not being that long into business, or just thinking about getting started in the business world.

How much you make and how fast you make that HEAVILY depends on what you are doing.

I’ll give you a few examples.

Around 20 years ago I had an online shop (noo… not drop shipping 😂 ).

It wasn’t that tough to bring it to 1k profit after a few months, but it was impossible to bring it to 10k.

It had to do with the items. I mostly sold lower priced items in the range of 5-20 and the market was kind of small.
I could have expanded into shirts and sweaters, but it would have been a really hard way to 10k still.

Example 2

Roughly 10 years ago I promoted Payday Loans offers in the UK. I had a well running setup I could use in any vertical. I was never into Payday Loans before. When I entered I instantly made $1k+ per day. I made thousads per day from that alone.

Then came the first Google Payday Loans update. You wake up and you don’t see in your dashboard $1k already but $2,50 only. Not the best feeling in the world, I can tell you… 😂

It took all verticals with it. The whole link spamming game died that day. We found ways around that a while later, but it then finally died the next year with the second Payday Loans update. But that’s a story for another post…

So I first went from zero to hero and then back from hero to zero.

My experiences are teaching you two valuable lessons:

First, what you are making heavily depends on what you are doing

Second, todays earnings aren’t guaranteed tomorrow. This one is the important one. Don’t EVER think that the sea will be always calm.

So back to that initial Post. He started six months ago. To make some fun, what will we read in three months?

This doesn’t mean that this will happen (all the best for you, Glenn 😘), but I hope you get the idea.

You need experience to tell something. Lots of experience.

I mean, you also don’t just come from your first fuck ever and think lets sell the ‘Casanova 101 Course’ today. I mean… you don’t, do you? 😂

Joking aside: You can’t say because you made x one month that this will go on forever. Business is not linear, especially not in the beginning. And unless you are sitting on something really really stable, it never will.

And one note here also: The Internet and the latest platform you are on, beside all the massive opportunity that’s in there, those definitly ARE NOT anything near linear.

Most platforms you were on in the past are already done and gone. Think of Altavista, think of MySpace. If you think what you are doing today will last for 10 years or even forever, you aren’t long enough into this.

Hope things are a bit clearer now.

Take care.

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