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Whack Wednesday

Whack Wednesday

I don’t have a Tweet as an example for today, but you won’t have to search for long to find such a Tweet.

I guess you’ve seen it already on some account:

Seen that?

Don’t tell people about your goals and ambitions,

because that releases the same Dopamine as actually achieving those goals.

They say, you’ll never start, if you tell somebody about your goals, because you already ‘received’ your Dopamine hit, thus not feeling motivated to reach that goal anymore.

Yes, maybe… but if you are such a Dopamine driven crackhead, I doubt you would have started otherwise.


That being said, while I don’t doubt that you are receiving that Dopamine hit, there’s a problem with this.

If you don’t tell anybody about what you are going to do, there’s nobody who holds you accountable.

There will be nobody saying you are a weak pussy, always babbling, no action.

And we both know, if there’s nobody who you are accountable to, you easily lie to yourself, just to make you feel better. Because, maybe you are that weak pussy, always babbling, no action.

So maybe better talk about your goals…

Until next week.

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