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Top Workplace Items: The Desk

Over the next days/weeks I will show you one item of my workplace per post and tell you about the benefits and why I think it’s superior

We start with the most important one, so you don’t end up like the guy above

The Desk:

It’s one of the workplace items that are most beneficial for your health

I always wondered why I got tired right after waking up

No wonder

I got up and sat in front of the PC

No way my circulation had any chance waking up too

Beside that, sitting is considered a serious health issue today

8h+ of sitting will not only kill you long term

It will also make your stay on earth until then not very pleasant

Your back will hurt, same as your neck and shoulders

And with your shrimp like posture, you won’t have much luck with all the ladies

You don’t want that, do you?

Standing more prevents that

You are more in motion that way

We’ll get into more detail in future posts


Mine is from LINAK

It’s just the frame

You can put there any desk top you want

Mine is just standard oak wood, 160x80cm

Price for the frame + desk top was 600-700 Euros

Don’t get this IKEA crap

Beside being wobbly they are lacking basic safety features

For example, they don’t stop automatically when there’s something in their way

Might crush furniture (or worse, your legs/hands/arms)


I added a cable duct, so the cables are properly stored

A drawer for pens, small stuff like hard discs, a few cables, ledger 🤡

And a mount for a desktop

That’s it

Looks like nothing special, but it’s a game changer

Do some standing work just in the morning, and you will feel so much better and energized during the day

Your posture will be much better

Your lower back and hips will stop hurting and stop feeling stiff

Blood can circulate much better through your system, which gives better focus

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