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Top Workplace Items: The Chair

After the desk lets move on to the chair

Everybody knows it already, sitting is bad

Too much sitting makes you a croissant with a heart rate of 120 when getting up

No matter how much you try to counteract with stretching and training, if you sit for hours every day, it will make you a croissant long term, bent and soft

But staying all day long sucks too

So from time to time you just want to sit

I also can focus on certain things much better while sitting compared to standing (maybe just out of habit)

I have nothing fancy here, but it’s a solid office chair, made for people sitting for long hours

What you want from a chair:

  • Adjustable height (obvious)
  • Adjustable back in tilt and(!) depth
  • Armrest (also adjustable)

An adjustable lower back support is also nice to have

In general, the more you can adjust, the better (there are plenty of tutorials on the net on how to adjust your chair correctly)

The seating should be not too large and not too small

Too small will make an uncomfortable sit and too large will make you

The back is mostly hard and just gives support to your back

You don’t want both too soft

That being said, an executive chair with lots of cushioning might seem desireable at first, but I wouldn’t take one

You tend to hang in those chairs in a lax way over time like it’s your TV sofa

I had one for years and it made me a croissant =)

My chair was around $500-$600 back then

I don’t think you will find a good chair for less than that amount, most likely you will have to pay even more

If you missed the first post, here’s the post about the table / desk

Last but not least, a video, again, nothing fancy:

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