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To get what most don’t, do what most won’t

“What’s what most won’t do that you can leverage to get what they don’t?”

Plain work could be enough already. Many do their 8 hours and leave.

Add another hour, work as freelancer for just $50.

$1000/month extra.

$12k ‘leverage’ a year, ‘just’ by adding that extra hour.

And we haven’t spoken about the weekend.

20/month extra hours, you’ll learn things others won’t.

This is no advise to burn out of course!

Instead freelancing, grab a book and learn for an hour. Same effect.

This is just a simple example for illustration.

How many people do you know:

… who learn after work and look for new opportunities?

… who run an online shop?

… who run their own website, optimizing it for growth?

… who run a business, build their body, learn a new language, ….. endless list?

And lastly, how many people do you know who start an endeavor like this and be persistent with it?

The ‘competition’ is really non existent nowadays when comparing with the opportunities available.

I mean, how many people do you know who even read? 🤡

It’s everywhere.

Put in the work.

Do what most don’t and get what most won’t.

To leave this funny, do a robbery most don’t and get a prison time most won’t 😂

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