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Staying Low-Key

This is not about making millions for lambos and yachts, and mansions, living in Dubai.

Who wants that? I mean, really?

Lambo needs service. And yacht too. And mansion needs cleaning.

“Nah Ralf, I just call someone”

Yes, but you still have to call.

I have nobody to call.

And then it’s all so expensive and so clean that you are afraid of making things dirty. 😂

And you are always anxious that someone takes your materialistic BS from you.

All that materualistic BS is just a sign of your low self-esteem.

And your angry comment is a sign of the same.

Your lifestyle?

Not my lifestyle 🤡

You stay low key.

Fill your account with whatever you want, but stay low key.

Stay away from all that materialistic BS.

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