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Spiritual Saturday: Who am I?

Who am I?

That’s the only question you need to answer

The only thing you need to figure out

The only thing you need to work on

Not your business, not your relationship, not your body

It’s hard to explain.

You aren’t that right now

At least not in ‘reality’

When you embody what you want to be, everything and all your actions will align to that over time, leading you ultimately to what you embody, making it reality.

You want something?

You’ll never get it if you don’t embody the person that could have that

It’s simple and hard at the same time

It requires serious work

Not work with your hands but with your mind

You need to work on every false belief that is telling you, you can’t be what you want to be.

You need to remove every single one.

For some it’s less work, for some it’s more.

Ever went in some room and thought those people in there are above your level, you felt wrong, like not belonging there?

That’s limiting beliefs at work

The only reason you aren’t walking in there with confidence, and taking from the buffet what’s yours.

You understand?

Addition to what’s written above:

You are at a restaurant

You order a glass of water

It comes to your table

You never doubted it would come.

You ordered, was not there yet, but you knew it will come.

Imagine you are not having the money for the water

You order it without confidence

The bartender ‘feels’ there’s something suspicious about your order.

He will not bring you that water, asking you to leave.

It’s the same in life

Order with confidence and you will receive what you ordered.

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