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Spiritual Saturday: Style

3 things had/have tremendous effect on my life:

  • Graffiti
  • Surfing
  • Skateboarding

They have something in common I want to share with you today, so you can meditate on that.

Fake Style

The 3 are literally the essence of style.

No wonder advertisers are using exactly those 3 cultures to blend their products in there.

People are buying shoes. Because of ‘style’. They buy a whole outfit. Because of ‘style’. Or they show off their life’style’.

But that’s all fake.

Bought shit everybody with enough money could have.

True Style

Surfing is hard.

Skateboarding is even harder.

Learning the techniques in Graffiti takes years, not to speak of creating unique letters.

Actually, your learning process is never over.

Have you ever observed a surfer or a skater doing his thing? (Go to YouTube if you don’t have a beach/skatepark, but it’s better seen in real.)

It’s different than seeing people doing other sports.

It’s those fine movements you can’t really see, but which are still present. There’s this hidden aesthetics, the beauty, it’s almost like art.

When people reached a certain level they make it look easy. Like it’s nothing.

They are doing it with their own unique style.

It’s pure joy to watch.

That’s what you should be after in life. Exactly that.

That’s what life is all about.


Putting all the work in there, every day, to achieve mastery, so that one day, what you are doing, looks super easy.

And on that path, develop your own style. Because, without mastery, you can’t develop your own style.

No matter if it’s your

  • work
  • relationship
  • hobby

you can apply this philosophy to every area of your life.

I hope, one day when you die, even if you weren’t rich, you hadn’t 1m followers, you didn’t build a legacy, that you at least had style.


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