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Spiritual Saturday: Misconception of flex

There’s a big misconception about flexing.

People run around the city in their car.

Buying some expensive watch. Clothing. Renting that big flat.

Thinking people care.

But ‘flex’ is a totally unique and personal thing.

Try to impress a true surfer with your car.

He will just laugh at you, unless his longboard fits in there.

Thinking about the countless hours you wasted in the office earning that money instead of surfing.

Most people ‘flexing’ are deeply wounded and insecure individuals. Always on the hunt for external validation. For validation they can’t give themselves.

Because they are feeling worthless, not good enough, inside, they seek worthiness in materialistic things.

Your flexing is most likely something you think others would be impressed of.

It’s not something you are impressed by by yourself.

Otherwise you could leave the car in the garage and the watch in the drawer, because you know it’s there and that’s enough for you.

You wouldn’t waste large amounts of time for earning large amounts of money, that could otherwise buy you freedom.

You need to find your own flex, flex that’s unique to you.

To flex, but this time, just for yourself.

Btw, clever marketers know about this weakness in people and exploit it. Most (expensive) products are sold based on this weakness.

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