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Spiritual Saturday: Inevitable

This is a short one. Meditate on it often.

This one might make you want to cry, you might want to wipe away that thought quickly.

But it’s life changing once you fully grasp it.

You KNOW all what’s written below, but do you FEEL it?

There’s a difference.

Sounds like a platitude, but we often forget:

Imagine yourself sitting near the deathbed of your spouse.

She/He old and gray. Same as you.

Your last words, last touches. She/He will die soon. You’ll be alone. All that there was, all lost and gone.

That day will come.


You would give everything to get back to today.

This damn day you just cursed so much a few minutes ago, because something wasn’t that comfy, didn’t go to your favor.

No cheesy last sentence.

You know what to do.

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