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Should you get the M3 MacBook as SEO / webdev?

People are all crazy now about Apple’s new MacBooks with M3 processors 🤪

Want to buy it, because it’s black and less fingerprints 😂

Seriously? $2k+ because of look?

The CPU will be idle for most people anyway.

You don’t need a high end processor for browsing and YouTube.

And also not for webdev.

No need to get a new one if you are already on one of the current M1/M2 processors.

M1/M2 are powerful enough for most people.

To give you an idea:

I run a MacBook Air M2 with 24GB

Currently running:

  • Firefox (6 tabs)
  • Vivaldi (Chrome based, 140 tabs)
  • Chromium (6 tabs)
  • VS Code
  • Sublime Text
  • TextMate
  • Libre Office Calc
  • Notion App
  • Finder (3 instances)
  • iTerm (8 instances)
  • Spotify, Skype, Telegram

Runs absolute buttery.

If your current laptop is 3y+ old or you are (still) on Intel, consider getting a new one.

All others could also just ride their M1/M2 for a couple more years. It’s power 💪

Just buying because it’s new is stupid.

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