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Short: How to build Links

Just for archiving this little comment of mine about how you could build some links (slightly edited for better readability here):

First of all, here’s the linkbuilding method from the Winning SEO Strategy post, which is basically a tier 1 PBN which you (could) backup by more links in tier2, tier 3.

Some methods for building links I could also recommend would be building something worth linking to (a niche site calculator 😂), or just buying them.

Building something worth linking to is a very (very) whitehat method of building links. It could be also content, but I think people would rather rip your content then actually linking to it, unless it is really really unique to your site (like a case study for example). They can’t directly rip a tool on your site.

With AI tools like Chat-GPT you can easily throw together a little calculator or anything like that. Just do something simple, once it gains traction you could still improve it.

A third method, if you like interacting with people, you could try to build relationships within your niche or with webmasters in general and get links from there. Or build relationships with other SEOs and exchange links (not direct).

Most other ‘methods’ would be either too limited in the amounts of links you would be able to build, or they would lead to spam.

Happy building.

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