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Ralf Letter #4

Hello my dear friends and welcome to everyone who just subscribed recently.

The last quarter of 2023 just begun, so perfect time for making a Winning SEO strategy reality 🤡


I was very lazy with posting on the blog. I just transferred several longer form posts from Twitter to the blog.

It’s a total of 5 new posts now. I started new category which is meant for helping people getting started into (technical) SEO.

First Steps: Technical SEO

A rough definition of what I think technical SEO is and my approach to it. At the end you’ll find 10 fields you could start learning today. Those are real skills and no buzz, real skills that will help you until the Internet is being shut down.

Winning SEO Strategy

A simple SEO strategy based on linkbuilding through PBN kind of links. It’s easy to execute, you don’t need much money to get started and you can do everything on your own.

How to handle any Google Update

The September Google HCU (Helpful Content Update) hit many ‘SEOs’ hard. Like with most updates, SEO’s were the main target. This wasn’t the first update nor will it be the last. You better develop some resilience so you are prepared for the next. Here are some practical advices:

Hacked Links

This post was a question by a user and led to a full post. Found much attention on Twitter. It explains what they are and why you should leave them where they are.

Clients Suck

A little rant about why having clients suck. Like a 9to5 job they can be a stepping stone, but if you really want to push the gas, you’ll need to get rid of them sooner or later.

That’s it for this newsletter.

As some final words: The 4th quarter, those last days of 2023, those are enough to make a killing in 2023, even if you did nothing until today. Remember that.

Until the next one


2 thoughts on “Ralf Letter #4”

  1. mohammed abdulgader

    You don’t know how you cahnged my life in only single day,
    I want jus thank you . i found your twitter yesterday , i visit this site and allmost read all the posts. How clear the game had become to me you can’t imagine. after 13 years of jumping from part to part in internet business.
    i only want to thank you

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