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Ralf Letter #3

Hello my dear frieds and welcome to everyone who just subscribed recently. Haven’t done a newsletter last week, so you haven’t missed anything. There were just no new posts on the blog, so I found there’s no need to send one.


Actually only created 2 new posts, no idea what I did over the last 2 weeks 😂

Those 2 posts are more for the beginners, so if you are an advanced SEO, you might want to skip them.

How to do SEO in 5 steps

Describes the process of checking the SERPs for SEO ideas and actually testing them out.

What to look for in expireds/drops

Describes the process of trying to put some meassure on expired domains and dropping domains, so you don’t by crap.

I also made some longer form posts on Twitter/X yesterday, about client work, which I haven’t posted on the blog yet. If you are doing client work, you might want to check them out too. I’ll announce them here once I moved them to the blog.

Juicy juicy

And now the juicy part for what you all came for 🤡

I’ll post this only on the newsletter, so this will be exclusive to you.

And here it ends… 🤓


Enjoy the ride.


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