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Ralf Letter #1

This is the first letter I sent as a newsletter. I try to send every Saturday or Sunday a recap of the week plus a bit more, when I find the time. If you want to subscribe, you can find the form on the homepage.


Welcome you first subscribers! Thank you for subscribing! Welcome to the first letter.

I have to say, this is my first newsletter. I worked on some in the past, but never was really involved in writing them. So forgive me while I’m learning.

I actually wanted to send the first letter on Saturday and continue to either send it on Saturday or Sunday, so once a week, but I didn’t manage to sent it, so it’s Monday now. It is what it is… so please forgive me for the first time.

What’s the idea behind this?

When using Twitter, we are flooded with posts. Links to this and that, stuff we want to read later. It’s hard to keep track of all this. I try to write several posts on my blog and plenty of tweets per week. When you don’t visit Twitter several times a day you will most likely never see some of those tweets and posts.

As always, I want to make the posts a mix of technical (SEO related) things and some kind of spirituality, mindset or life lesson, to make it both, tangible and a little entertaining.

With this newsletter I want to give you a little recap, to make it easier for you to keep track of what’s happening on my profile and my blog over the week.

I don’t want to steal your time, so I’ll try to make it short and crisp.

I will drop the same letter on the blog (you can find the link on top), so you can decide if you read it in your email program or your browser.


I might add something to the letter that’s exclusive just for the letter, to play around with it and to give you an incentive to sign up 🤡, but on the other hand I don’t want to make it too salesy.
I don’t want to sell you anything here and every time I read in someone else’s newsletter that I only see something when I subscribe, I know they just want to sell me something.

Ok, lets dive into the last week:

The week


I have so many tools I created over the time of a decade, which help(ed) me doing my daily work. The Toolbox is an idea I had since a while. Having all the tools at one place, so you have easy access to them from the browser.

So far I added:

Lists/Words merger
Character/Words counter
URL Encoder/Decoder
Prefix/Suffix adder

You can find them in the Toolbox on my blog:

I have plenty more in my queue, just need to adjust most here and there to make them ready for the public.

If you have any specific need or idea for a little tool, let me know.


2 Lessons about Sitemaps

How I (ab)used Video-Sitemaps in the past and a lesson in using things in a different way then they were intended to be used.

Correlation and Causality
Shortly explaining the difference between correlation and causality. In SEO we often think that what we see in the SERPs is a causality, where it is in most cases just an observation.

AI Content Spam

Many try to lure people into AI content generation since ChatGPT is available to the public and they just built a wrapper around the API. They claim you will rank because of the AI generated content. But the reason you won’t rank isn’t Googles ability to detect AI content, it’s something else…


Downsides of Affiliate Marketing
Saw a list on Twitter about how great affiliate marketing is. It is great. But it has some serious downsides you should be aware of. Find my list in the link below.


The Ceiling
This was the only ‘planed’ post for last week. It’s about how you limit yourself by following common beliefs. As an example I took what I did last year to overcome a Google limitation and how I scaled it hard. Those numbers are not to brag, but to inspire you and set your ceiling higher.


Which Programming Language for SEO?
This post got inspired by a reader late Friday evening. I first started a comment but then decided to make it a post so everyone can benefit from it. I talk about three programming language which are suitable for SEO’s – Python, Go/Golang and PHP. Read more detailed descriptions, what they are good for and what they are not so good for in the link below.


Final Words
That’s it for the first one. Sorry for being so late. I’ll try to send the next on Saturday, which will be September then already. You guys know what that means? Earlier evening, longer nights, Christmas at reach. That means lots and lots of traffic 🥳

Hope you enjoyed.

Until the next one.


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