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Planer / Organizer

My “Get your ๐Ÿ’ฉ done” technique

In a world full of distraction it’s hard not to lose your focus.

Planer/Organizer to the rescue

Many do this on the computer

Don’t do that. It’s not the same

Handwritten words hold power

Make use of that

Here’s what I do:

The planer/organizer:

  • Hardcover
  • Decent size
  • One page per day
  • White, only lines, no fluff

Every Sunday I write on the Sunday page what I want to accomplish the coming week, broad bullet points


  • Forum ready
  • 5 long form X posts
  • Meeting tax consultant
  • Setup 2 new servers
  • Payment gateway eBook

This is for checking back in a week and to use it as a pool to grab tasks from

What’s written on this page is meant as a law

I try to accomplish this

Barely any new stuff allowed to be added over the week, otherwise I’ll loose focus and fail

I fill Monday to Friday with broken down tasks of the broader bullet points, giving everything structure and a clear path on how to walk to the desired outcome

I do that still just roughly, not too much details

This is the rough ToDo list for every day


My main task for the week is setting up a forum

Monday: Get hosting
Tuesday: Install forum
Wednesday: Config theme
Thursday : Create boards
Friday: Launch ๐Ÿš€

Rough, no details yet

Just a rough schedule

Every evening I check what I did today and prepare for the following day

Going into more detail on what to do the next day, moving non finished tasks from this day to the next

Monday example:

  • compare cloud with dedicated server
  • ask for discount
  • basic installations (ssh, apache, mysql, โ€ฆ)
  • register forum domain + dns config

Very detailed

Making it easy to start the next morning

I use colors if I want


Whatever I like, it’s personal preference, experiment

Do this and you never wonder in the morning where to start, never wonder what to do

See your goals become reality with this technique


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