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You know what Twitter (๐•) is great for?

Getting momentum

I was lethargic af. Couldn’t start anything new.

I had a running system. Maximum I could do was adding a new plugin. Or fixing a small issue.

Cost me quite an effort to sit down and do that

So maybe you are in the same situation

Then make use of Twitter (๐•) for getting momentum

Post there daily. Commit to that.

Maybe you haven’t posted anything yet. Maybe you don’t even know what to post about.

But everybody has something to post about.

Any skill you have is worth posting about.

If you think you don’t have any skills, pick one and learn that skill. Post about what you do and your progress.

You think nobody cares, but there are people out there who are looking for exactly the content you produce.

And once you have that momentum, everything gets easier

A lot easier

It’s like kicking a door wide open

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