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Life of a Blackhat SEO

It’s the beginning of a cycle

You put in a month or two of serious testing work

It boils down to a minor change in your current setup, a template, a special way to do something, nothing fancy

You find something, crack a loophole wide open

That’s a rush

Weeks, months, a year passes, sometimes two

You do nothing, except monitoring, reaping the fruits and enjoying life

Then they kill your method

You’re back to zero

Nothing seems to work

You start getting desperate, already seeing yourself sleeping under a bridge or getting a job (still not sure what’s worse)

About to give up…

But then you say: No Google, not this time

And the whole cycle repeats itself

It’s like that since over 10 years

And you know what?

I’m tired of that cycle

That’s not my calling

I’ll pass what I know, then I’m outta here

Life has more to offer


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