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Just start SEO

You are broke, you are sitting in some slum, but you have Internet. Here’s your way out.

To build something real, something of real value, you’ll need three simple ingredients:

  1. domain
  2. content
  3. backlinks

Simple as that. What are you waiting for?

There were people creating and ranking websites before you, there will be people creating and ranking websites after you.

You don’t need any advise from anybody, including me.

But I will give you some very simple instructions to make you feel better anyway. It will be one simple advise for each topic. Nothing more needed.

This is absolute basics, SEO 101. You don’t need anything else. You will learn everything else on your way naturally.

Don’t buy courses, don’t listen to bullshit.

Just practice what’s following:

  1. Domain

You don’t need advise from anybody what domain to register. Fuck branding, fuck keywords, just pick any.

Just one advise: Stay away from those new TLDs (Top Level Domains). Just pick any .com or the TLD of your country of you target your country.

  1. Content

Don’t make it complicated. I don’t know what kind of niche you picked. Do you want people to learn something? Do you want people to compare something? To you want to sell products?

Just build that damn site.

The content will come naturally on the places where they make sense. Everything else is just fluff and wasted time.

Just one advise: Stay away from Chat-GPT and AI content generation. It destroys your authenticity.

  1. Backlinks

This is crucial.

No backlinks, no rankings.

Simple as that. Print that out and hang it everywhere. Google, all those SEO content agencies, those conferences, they all will tell you it’s not that important (anymore). They want to hide this simple fact. It’s not true.

It’s the #1 ranking factor.

You will find them everywhere once you stop believing it’s complicated.

Backlinks – make you rank, make you bank.

Never forget that.

Neglect the others, but never neglect backlinks.

Just one advise: Don’t spam them hard, don’t buy them from shitty places.

I repeat myself:

Simple as that. What are you waiting for?

Build that damn site!

Good luck.

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