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Code Structure

This is taken from two Tweets/Posts I made. Should raise some awareness in you for your code:

Many I’ve seen in SEO are building clumsy apps

One big app, one big mess

No wonder it’s full of bugs and hard to maintain

Build modules instead

One small module for each task

As small as possible

Connect them through APIs

Easy to maintain, easy to change, easy to scale

That’s how pros program


One module scrapes Google

One module parses the scraped result

Add more modules if you like

A scraper for related images

A generator for PAA pages

A scraper for related Amazon products

You get the idea

Keep it separate

The code parsing the Google result doesn’t need to know how it got scraped

The generator doesn’t need to know about the result’s HTML

It’s only interested in the data

And the Amazon module doesn’t need to know neither

It only needs to return a nice object based on a passed search

The result’s HTML changes?

No need to touch the code that does the scraping

Only code in the parsing module gets touched

Easy to test, since it’s isolated

Less likely to add complicated code

Less likely to add hard to find bugs

Simple, short, easy to understand code


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