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Clients Suck

Clients suck, don’t work with clients 🔪🤡

You know ping pong like conversations with clients? Argument ping, defense pong, complaining ping, arguing pong… Can go on forever 🤡

That’s why having clients suck. You will always have clients not being satisfied, no matter what you deliver.

You have two problems here. Your ego wanting to be right and you not wanting to lose money.

The biggest problem is, you put your own time into this. You can’t refund that. Of course you could refund money, but your time is gone and will never come back.

You need to cut the tie between your time and money.

You can’t do that with doing client work.

We are taught to serve someone from early age. When you start working at some company, you serve them or your boss. Some go the path of self employment later, but take that serving mindset with them.

I’ll explain you today how to think differently. This will not click at once. You were indoctrinated to be a servant since you were born. You have to think about this over and over again, until it finally clicks. And then there’s no going back. You will never be a servant again.

You have to own something to stop being a servant

Lets take affiliate marketing for illustration, because that’s what most of my followers are doing.

In affiliate marketing you ‘own’ the traffic and you replicate it in masses on a daily basis. Others are in bad need for traffic because they want to sell their product but have no eyes on it.

Traffic is your product.

That’s what you are actually doing in affiliate marketing, you are selling traffic.

Just to make it easier to bill, we agreed on just getting paid when the traffic is good enough to lead to a conversion. But actually you are just selling traffic.

There are plenty of downsides to affiliate marketing and a product you have more control over would be better, but you get the idea (there’s a post on the blog about that).

The key is being disconnected from time, your product being ‘easy/cheap’ to replicate.

You need to control your offer (product) and break the tie to your time.

How to deal with customers

(now customers, previously clients)

As previously said, we assume the cost of replication of your product is minimal. When you face an unsatisfied customer you just refund him 100% and tell him to fuck off. No (or minimal) loss on your end. He got everything back and was able to ‘test’ your service for free.

There’s nothing to complain about from his end (very less likely bad reviews). Everybody will see you don’t mess around, you just refund (good reviews). Try this with a client you worked for 5k, 10k, 20k. You will end up having this ping pong like conversation mentioned in the post before.

Like said earlier, you will have to spin this in your head over and over. At some point it clicks. You will clearly see what ‘businesses’ are just employments where you are still a servant but hold all the risk and which are real businesses.

So, don’t rush it, trust the process, you will end up where you want to be eventually.

Have a nice weekend.

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