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Ad Trackers: Voluum

I’m using Voluum as my Ad Tracker, here’s why and what separates them from their competitors Adsbridge and Redtrack and why I’m not using a self hosted solution.

Before we start I have to say I’m not using most of the features of those Ad Trackers. I’m not using all those landing page features. I’m mostly using it to quickly see which and how offers and geos are converting, without having to login to different dashboards all the time.

First of all, Voluum is crazy expensive, especially after the recent increase of the monthly fee.


I like the reliability of service solutions. I don’t have to maintain another server. And if their’s is down (which Voluums never was while I was there), I would blame them, not me πŸ˜‚

You also don’t have to worry about DDOS and all kinds of such crap.

Bug in Adsbridge

I used Adsbridge for very long, but they fucked it up one time for me and that was it. Not because the fuck up, but how they handled it.

Their system was redirecting traffic from a campaign to old URLs I had changed to new ones weeks ago.

Those old URLs weren’t even shown in the dashboard, but Adsbridge redirected there anyway. It was clearly their fault. All they did was fixing the bug, which took them several days, and telling me it was fixed πŸ˜‚.

No apology, no further talk. I lost approx around $500 because of that bug.

That was a really hard to find bug for a user and I only found it by accident. It was a low volume campaign, nothing fancy, and it was one offer in that campaign, so there wasn’t much money lost, but it could have been different.

Beside that, I was quite satisfied with Adsbridge. So I think they are actually a good provider. But that’s no behavior I tolerate. Especially not for the prices they ask.


I tried RedTrack after Adsbridge and their dashboard was awfully slow back then. Might have changed meanwhile, but that was too slow for me so I dropped it after a few days. Redirects were ok.

They were also very friendly during the test period. You had someone to ask and help you do the setup. But for a seasoned affiliate, that’s no problem of course πŸ˜‚

So I ended up using Voluum.

And man… it’s expensive πŸ˜‚

But: I never had issues with them.

Their AI traffic distribution system is actually working. With Adsbridge it was a mess.

Their dashboard is fast.

Ah… forget about the app, it’s a joke – a bad one.

One last Tip: If you run organic traffic through it, you can reduce the amount of ‘events’ by filtering all the non tier 1 geo traffic first. For example, I redirect all IN, PK, BR etc traffic on my own.

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