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Winning SEO Strategy

Here is the simple SEO strategy from the Tweet. We will get into more detail with certain aspects over time on this blog. But for now, this is it. Just act on it. Build that damn thing.
  1. SEO in tiers, the lower the tier, the higher the volume, the lower the quality
  2. Sites link to sites link to sites link to sites until they end up at the best possible site. You create artificially what happens naturally otherwise.
  3. Use expired domains in all your tiers. Let them pass their juice upwards.
  4. Build your tier 1 links of domains you own. Mind the anchors.
  5. What tier 1 to build? Build one pagers, build small ‘programmatic SEO’ sites, build small content sites.
  6. Build a mix of owned domains and other links to your tier 1. Make it simple, efficient, automated.
  7. Build whatever you want to your tier 2 links. Just build a bit. You want to have that crawled and indexed and not forgotten.
  8. Connect with like minded people and share links to your moneysite(s) and tier 1 properties.
  9. Go in monk mode when it comes to executing your SEO strategy. Don’t listen to all the industry blahblah. Just focus on execution.
  10. Build for 12 months consistently and you have a network your friends envy you for.

No course needed, you just need to execute.

We could get into details all day long for days, weeks, months and years.

But it’s all being said.

Just build that damn thing.

Whatever question you might have, the answer is always the same: Just build that damn thing.

Doesn’t matter how.

Just build that damn thing.

2 thoughts on “Winning SEO Strategy”

  1. Hi Ralf, many thanks for the insights, some of us really want to implement but some of these things are above our heads, or is it safe to assume that these posts are for the pros?

    Kindest regards

  2. I think most pros should be aware of this strategy. It’s nothing new, but it got kind of diluted by Google and the SEO industry to kind of hide the fact that it’s backlinks that make you rank.

    The idea of posts like the above is to give a rough guideline on how to execute a SEO campaign from start to beginning. You would have to dig deeper into each of the points. For example, ‘Use expireds in all your tiers’ sounds simple, but getting valuable expireds is quite complex and worth plenty of posts on its own.

    I want to put up more content like this in the future, with more details.

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